Post Graduate Diploma in Systemic Family Psychotherapy

A two-year training programme designed to help practitioners develop the fundamental skills in working with individuals, couples, and families from a systemic perspective.  It is aimed at practitioners who already successfully work from within other clinical paradigms, or those who are qualified in another human science and want to move into clinical psychotherapy. A first degree in psychology, nursing, medicine, social work, or any other human science is a requirement.

Participants will be exposed to theoretical seminars and discussion, live clinical consultation sessions, paper and research review and writing, and reflective practice. The aims remain to introduce participants to the field of systemic theory, practice, and research and to introduce participants to the most basic systemic practice skills which they can apply to their own work setting.

The training will provide participants basic theoretical grounding, an opportunity to relate theoretical ideas with their work, a range of practical skills, the possibility of taking a critical stance to personal ideas and account for their personal learning process over time, beliefs, an opportunity to take a critical stance to one’s values, a possibility to critique various concepts and perspectives with particular focus on the family life cycle, a familiarity with a wide range of key literature, a basic familiarity with aspects of research in family therapy,  an appreciation of one’s personal family and cultural experiences, and an historical understanding of the development of systemic therapy.

The assessment of learning takes place via log book documenting one’s learning, three essays, a research project/essay, case presentations, and one final presentation.

The Course is accredited by the National Council for Further & Higher Education and is in line with the European Family Therapy Association and with the International Family Therapy Association. Upon successful completion of the diploma trainees will be eligible for Masters level training either within the same institution or other UK institutions (please see entry requirements below for full details of entry on Masters programme).

Number of participants will be limited. The course will commence in 2016.

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Course Coordinator

Mrs. Karen Bishop

Commencing  September/October 2016.

Cost: €2,600 per year (€5,200 in total for two year PG Dip). No other additional fees apply. The cost includes everything students need during their training, electronic library subscription for the duration of the course, exams, and tuition.

To apply please send application form, your CV, a reference, a clean police conduct, a brief personal statement giving reasons why you wish to participate, a copy of your certificates and a €50 non-refundable processing fee to The Secretary, IFT-Malta 88 Triq Halsaflieni Paola.  Enquire on 79663266.

Further enquiries about application can be obtained from You may also call on 79663266.