Bachelor’s Degree in Psychological Therapies

This training program, the first of its kind in Europe, offers an in-depth exposure to different psychological and psychotherapeutic models at an undergraduate level. It provides an innovative approach and targets individuals who have a keen interest in learning specifically about, and plan for a career in psychotherapy. This course helps students solidify their knowledge and skills in psychotherapy at a graduate level, preparing them for eventual specialist training. The course provides a sound background to major concepts outlining psychotherapy including history of psychotherapy, theories of change, research in psychotherapy and ethical practice.  The nature of the course is intended to facilitate entry to Masters level training in any of the psychotherapeutic modalities taught on the course including the Masters in Systemic Psychotherapy. It is considered standard practice in psychology and psychotherapy that a warrant is obtained only after the Masters level of training is achieved.

Starting October 2017. further information out soon

This Degree is divided into 5 Modules covering the major areas of the profession including historical and current theory, the different models in psychotherapy, research, clinical practice and personal and professional development.

Module 1: History of Psychotherapy and Psychological Theory: This module offers students the basic knowledge of the fundamental paradigms in psychotherapy and psychology serving as the basis for all subsequent learning and training.

Module 2: Models of Psychotherapy: This module helps students develop and maintain collaborative working alliances with a range of mental health professionals. It provides them with a wide spectrum of diverse theoretical positions and psychotherapeutic practices and equips them with the basic skills and competences necessary to work within a team of practice.

Module 3: Research Methods and Research Project: This model equips students with the necessary knowledge and skills to critically evaluate relevant published research and to acquire the basic knowledge, skills and competences that enable students to design, conduct and report a piece of research under the supervision of a research supervisor.

Module 4: Clinical Application: This is a practical client-contact module that provides students with an opportunity to apply acquired skills and competences clinical, enhance their clinical knowledge of the common mental health disorders and their presentation, as well as become acquainted with the relevant evidence-based treatment interventions. This module offers student the opportunity to apply the learning into practice.

Module 5: Personal & Professional Development and Ethical Practice: This module develops the students’ understanding of the principles and practice of appropriate professional conduct in the service provision sector and offers them an opportunity to identify personal and professional skills and resources as well as to reflect on and articulate the skills developing during the placement.

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Course Coordinator

Mrs. Karen Bishop

Commencing  October 2017.

Cost: €15,000 over 5 years. No other additional fees apply. The cost includes everything students need during their training, electronic library subscription for the duration of the course, exams, and tuition.

To apply please send application form, your CV, a reference, a clean police conduct, a brief personal statement giving reasons why you wish to participate, a copy of your certificates and a €50 non-refundable processing fee to The Secretary, IFT-Malta 88 Triq Halsaflieni Paola.

Further enquiries about application can be obtained from You may also call on 79663265.