We work from a systemic post-modern perspective. This means that our therapeutic orientation is based on enabling and empowering people within the systems they live in. Research shows that Systemic Family Therapy is very effective with children, young people and adults experiencing a wide range of difficulties and experiences. We work ‘with’ people rather than ‘on’ people as we journey through a collaborative experience to find and highlight the persons’ best resources upon which to build further strengths to make the changes necessary.

Counselling & Psychotherapy, Family Therapy
Apart from specialist training, we at the Institute of Family Therapy Malta also offer help to individuals, couples, families, organisations  and communities who are finding relationships difficult and would like to explore and resolve those issues. We bring people together in a safe and supportive atmosphere and thus facilitate communication and understanding. Our focus remains that of finding solutions and acknowledge the importance of capitalizing on the past to improve the present and future.

IFT-Malta works in collaboration with clients to create a way of working that seems most helpful to them. We use a team approach that ensures that clients benefit from multiple perspectives, including theirs. To maximise this practice we use a one way screen and video. This enables the other team members (usually 4) to observe the sessions live from an adjoining room. Their ideas and comments will be shared with you and clients find this very valuable.

IFT-Malta is a training institution committed to implement its Quality Assurance Policy and part of this is to do all that is possible to make the service appropriate and accessible to everyone in the community.

Supervision and Consultation
At IFT-Malta we also offer professional colleagues Individual or Group Supervision, as well as Team Supervision within organisations which can be combined with bespoke training for agencies’ specific needs.
Issues We Deal With in Therapy & Supervision
Some of the issues we regularly work with are listed below:
• Parenting issues with all age groups
• Children’s behavioural problems
• Couple and marital wellebeing
•Issues relating to divorce, separation, step-parenting and lone parenting
• Issues arising out of illness and disability
• Problems relating to alcohol and other substance abuse
• Lesbian and Gay family issues
• Coping with the effects of violence, sexual or emotional abuse in the family
• Re-building relationships after traumatic events
• Coping with the effects of stress on relationships
• Meeting the challenges of life cycle change
• Family business related issues
• Mental Health problems like depression & anxiety
• Eating disorder
• Personality disorder
• Etc.

couples therapy

The Qualifications of the Therapists
Staff at the Institute of Family Therapy Malta are all fully qualified, registered, and highly experienced professionals and some have been working for 30 years and more in various services including addictions, eating disorders, children’s services, mental illness, children in care, mediation, and more.

Special Reduced Rate Service

There is a reduced rate service which is as specialised as the private service. It is delivered by Associate Systemic Family Psychotherapists who are in the final part of their Masters training in Systemic Family Psychotherapy. They will already be qualified in another related profession and have experience in working with families, couples and individuals in other settings, including National Services and Charity Organisations. All work done by the Associates within the Institute is also supervised live by fully qualified professional staff. Associates also receive regular supervision and consultation and keep up to date with new thinking and developments in the field.

Referrals & Sessions
Referrals are received from various governmental organisations as well charities using the standard referral form. Self referrals are also accepted by calling our secretary on 79663266. The number of sessions necessary varies according to many factors. Sometimes only a few sessions are needed. In other circumstances more sessions are needed. Clients can obviously end therapy at any time and some clients return at a later date for some further discussion about issues. Sessions are normally held every 2-3 weeks. All sessions offered by our associates teams carry a fee of €10 per session. Appointments are normally held on fixed dates, Mondays or Tuesdays between 4pm and 8pm.

The sessions are confidential
Confidentiality will be discussed with you by the therapist at the first session. Sessions are confidential and we do not usually communicate with anyone outside the IFT unless requested by the client. Occasionally we may feel that it would be useful for some information to be shared and we will discuss this with you. However, in the event of serious concern for the immediate safety of someone it might be necessary to consult another service. Wherever possible this would be discussed with you first. However, on rare occasions it might be necessary to proceed either without prior discussion or without the clients’ agreement.
All records are kept securely.

Private Practice
We also provide individual, couple and family therapy privately. All private therapy is offered by highly qualified professionals experienced in various specialty areas. Please contact us for details
For further information or to make a referral, please contact
Marika Azzopardi on 79663266.