Mission Statement & Profile


Institute of Family Therapy Malta is committed:

To provide state of the art multi-level training in the systemic-relational psychotherapies.

To assist organizations and communities in achieving healthier psycho-relational environments through systemic consultation.

To promote the psychological well-being of individuals, couples, families, organizations and communities, through the use of multimodal psychotherapeutic approaches, in particular systemic psychotherapy.

To conduct and promote state of the art research in couple and family relationships matters.

To promote social awareness on psychological and relational well being through the use of various media.

To promote and spread information about family therapy and the systemic approaches throughout the Maltese Islands to individuals, institutions and organisations concerned with the health and development of families and human systems through the use of various media including TV, Radio, Newspapers, magazines, and internet.

To Create links with other local and foreign organisations having common or comparable aims of promoting systemic work in Malta and abraod.

Trainers Profile

Carmen Delicata – Chairperson & Tutor

Carmen Delicata is a systemic psychotherapist/family therapist  trained at the Tavistock Clinic of London. She works  as part of the psychological team and service within Malta’s main social work agencies  providing therapeutic interventions to individuals and families.  She has experience in various  family problems mainly marital conflict,  separation issues, children’s behaviour problems and teenage problems. She also runs  her own private practice.  She’s also a family mediator and works regularly at the law courts, assisting couples to resolve their disputes and help them to avoid  worry, time and costs associated with court-based litigation.   She studied social work and worked for 5 years in a mental health setting within a multidisciplinary team. She is also a registered nurse and midwife.  Carmen has been teaching family studies  and systemic theory on  various courses and is currently teaching within IFT.

Dr. Charlie Azzopardi – Masters Coordinator & Tutor

Dr. Charlie Azzopardi is a Systemic Practitioner with more than 20 years of experience working in the field of mental health. While he spent a substantial number of years working in the field of addictions. he was also involved in individual, couple, and family psychotherapy, parenting training, childhood and adolescent problems, as well as consulting family-run businesses. Dr. Azzopardi is now engaged in private practice and teaching locally and abroad. His interest remains that of helping individuals, couples, families and organisations thrive amidst the various difficulties that inevitably befall them.

Karen Bishop Post Graduate Diploma Coordinator & Tutor

Karen Bishop is a Systemic Family Therapist. She has worked in various local services dealing with diverse family issues, as well as more specialised services dealing with issues relating to addictions as well as domestic abuse. Ms. Bishop has obtained her Master’s Degree in Family Therapy at the Tavistock Clinic in London. She has been working within a multi-disciplinary team, with children in out-of-home care and their families for the past five years.  Currently she is also involved with teaching Family Therapy as well as running her own private practice.

Marika Azzopardi – Administrative Secretary

Marika Azzopardi is a freelance writer and journalist with 20 years of experience in media. She is a History of Art graduate with a special interest in the study of antique jewellery. Key published works include art reviews, personality interviews, features and researched articles which have appeared in print on newspapers, magazines, blogs and websites, junior and adult fiction, and varied chapters within specialised literary and jewellery study publications. Her professional portfolio includes experience in the beauty business as well as administrative and P.A. posts.

Visiting Tutors

Joseph Mangion – Tutor

Nelio Mulvaney – Tutor

Elaine Grech – Tutor

Helen Attard – Tutor

External Examiners

Billy Hardy Senior Lecturer in Psychotherapy and Consultant Systemic Psychotherapist at The Family Institute University of South Wales.